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White tailed eagle’s favourite food?

As they are often referred to as a sea eagle you would anticipate fish I would think, but it’s actually sea birds or at certain times of year, Geese.

Many nests have been examined and the primary remains are usually Gulls and Geese. I was particuarly pleased to get a decent shot of the moment just after predation of a Goose, with the eagle steadily flying the catch back to its nest. Sadly I missed the moment it took the Goose by about 20 seconds, but caught up with it frantically flying away with it chased by a giant pack of gulls.

It was with its mate as they made their way along the shore, making rest stops every couple of hundred Metres.

The hooded Crow here edged closer and closer until the Eagle with the Goose finally took off again. If you look closely, you can spot some goose feathers on the other one’s beak.

They made their way back along the Loch in pretty dreadful conditions until they got close to the nest and I lost contact with them. A great example of what happens when these formidable birds hunt and what they tend to hunt for. I have seen a couple fishing in the shallows on Loch Sunart before, but hunting for fish has been a fairly rare occurance for me compared to hunting birds.

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